Cable Runs

Cable Runs

Cable runs in cable trays can be bundled together and attached to trays using stainless steel ties, coated stainless steel ties or plastic cable ties.

Solid mounting is of particular importance with cables in vertical trays.

To identify the cable tray, Partex can provide custom engraved legend plates or printable adhesive labels.

Mounting Cables in Cable Trays

Power and control cables are mounted onto cable trays using special ties, attached to the tray slots. The tensile strength of these ties is 120lbs. If you need an even more secure solution, where the cable weight is greater or the cables are mounted in vertical routes, use stainless steel ties with a strong ball lock. These ties are made of acid-resistant 316L stainless steel, resistant to fire, UV, salt and corrosion. Their minimum tensile strength is up to 300lbs. In addition, they can be coated with a black or red polyester layer. An external polyester layer and gently rounded edges protect the cable from damage and prevent corrosion.

Bundling Wires and Cables in Cable Runs

Wires and cables in cable runs can be bundled in two ways: permanently by using single use cable ties made of plastic or metal, or with releasable ties made from metal, plastic or Velcro. Releasable ties will enable you to add more wires in the future, as the network expands. An additional advantage of Velcro ties is the gentle material they are made of - soft and flexible Velcro will not damage the insulation of light wires, e.g. UTP. Heavy energy wires can be bundled with releasable stainless steel ties or a ball lock tie.

Identification of Cable Trays

Cable runs are often mounted under the ceiling to avoid taking up office or production space. Legible identification information, visible from a distance, can be permanently engraved onto a multi-colored lamacoid or printed on a self-adhesive foam backed label. If you have no time or you do not have a Partex printer, you can trust our experience — order from us.

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