Ships and offshore

Ships and offshore

The marine industry is characterised by very difficult and variable weather conditions, under which a lot of equipment must operate properly. Any marking technology used must withstand the same hostile environment and must be durable and reliable under any conditions. Partex provides products made of stainless steel, resistant to extreme external conditions, that will be reliable on ships or offshore platforms.

Cable and Pipe Marking

The offshore industry often require service and upgrades on active rigs. Thus, permanent and legible marking of external pipes is of key importance to reduce downtime. Embossed or laser etched stainless steel markers and plates constitute a reliable system for marking cables, components and external pipes for use under very difficult conditions. These markers are easy to mount with either stainless steel cable ties or bolts/rivets.

Indoor Systems

Hidden at the heart of every ship and offshore platform is an extensive network of electrical connections. With this number of wires and cables, efficient and quick repairs of failures or upgrades would be impossible without proper identification. Partex provides solutions that are efficient, not only for the installation of new systems, but also for upgrading and changing existing installations. A ship is an enclosed structure, in which the requirement for the safe and quick evacuation of people is critically important. Thus it is essential to use approved halogen-free markers that do not emit toxic vapors in the event of a fire.


Clear and correct marking of pipelines enables error free repair and maintenance. In accordance with ANSI standards, pipes should be marked with a color identifying the type of medium carried and an arrow indicating the direction of flow. Engraved plates of high quality UV-resistant stainless steel can be placed on a pipe using steel holders and plastic or metal ties.

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