At the heart of every production facility are the machines, which may operate in very challenging environments. The acid-resistant 316L stainless steel marking system is suitable for use in extremely high temperatures. For hydraulic systems, we recommend flexible cable ties and markers, resistant to lubricants and oils.


Many industrial machines are equipped with a hydraulic system which must be accurately and permanently marked. The operating environment of hydraulic hoses can be very challenging. Partex recommends markers from our comprehensive 316L stainless steel range, complimented by flexible plastic markers for less demanding environments.

Control Circuits

In the event of a failure or fault, the correct circuit or component must be identified quickly. Since markers in industrial machines should not be in direct contact with the operating environment, holders with label pockets offer a perfect solution. These holders fit quickly and simply onto the cable and have the advantage of protecting the printed insert. They also have an additional advantage: the printed idsert can be removed and replaced with another without having to remove the holder itself.

Mounting Cables and Pipes

The larger and more complex the machines, the more cables, wires and pipes there are to secure. Durability and reliability of components are essential for proper and safe operation of machines. All pipes and cables must be properly secured. Partex offers strong stainless steel cable ties and steel tie mounts for secure fixing of cables and pipes. In case of smaller loads, nylon ties may also be used.

Plates and Labels

Every industrial machine should be fitted with a nameplate and is required in many industries. Partex offers stainless steel plates specially designed for this purpose. They are durable, legible and resistant to external factors such as temperature, gases and oils, and can be supplied with a high strength self-adhesive backing or riveted in place.


More advanced industrial machines contain all kinds of systems: mechanical, automatic, hydraulic and pneumatic. We have marking methods dedicated for all of these systems. Halogen-free self-extinguishing profile, to fit all diameter cables and meeting the requirements of UL94-V0, are perfect for cables and pneumatic lines. Alternatively, they can be labelled with one of our holders with a marker pocket, which is mounted using a cable tie and thus unrestricted by cable diameter.

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