Pneumatic technology has become so common that it is practically used in every modern plant. Our range includes many options for marking pneumatic lines and actuators. We manufacture flexible markers, to fit standard sizes of pneumatic pipes, and labels resistant to chemicals which are perfect for pneumatic actuators in wash down applications.

Pnetumatic Hose Marking

We recommend two methods for marking pneumatic lines: The first consists of markers that can be installed during line preparation, using slide-on halogen-free markers or single digit or pre-printed multi-digit profiles. The second method allows you to retro-fit onto already connected lines by using flexible plates attached with cable ties.

Marking Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are used in various applications. They can be exposed to high temperatures, humidity and aggressive substances. Any markers used to identify them must be resistant to any substances they come into contact with, particularly cleaning agents used in the food industry. We recommend reinforced self-adhesive foam backed labels that are highly resistant to scratching and rubbing, lubricants, oils and alcohols. Polyester labels also offer a solution for many working environments.

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