Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Partex manufacturers comprehensive identification solutions for entire solar farms that can withstand the continuous impact of direct sunlight, water and wide temperature ranges.

Our products for this industry include: UV-resistant photovoltaic wire and cable markers, outdoor PV inverter markings, high and low temperature resistant self-adhesive labels,

cable ties for bundling cables, PV wire crimp terminals and tools.

Markers for PV Inverters

PV inverters have an IP65 protection rating, which means that they are suitable for outdoor use. A proven product for labeling them are 0.8 mm thick flexible foam backed labels. The surface of the inverter is often uneven, so the plate material cannot be too rigid. Thermal print guarantees text durability and legibility for a very long time. The label can include the device number, graphics, company logo and an EAN or QR code.

Crimping Tool for Solar Connectors

Partex has a special tool for crimping solar connectors. This tool has a ratchet mechanism and is designed for crimping MC3 and MC4 solar connectors onto cables with a cross section of 14 - 10 AWG.

Markers for Solar Cabling

The installation of a photovoltaic system is a long-term investment, with an assumed service life of roughly 25 years. Markers on the cables connecting PV panels should be resistant to UV radiation, mold, water and material ageing. If you don't have a marker printer, you can order finished printed markers from us. Such markers will remain legible for many years.

Self-Adhesive High Temp labels

Temperature limits for solar panels can range from -90°F to 240°F. Partex labels for marking solar panels withstand temperatures up to 300°F. You can produce them on site using our thermal printer or have us prepare finished labels for you.

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