ECT-15 - Ergonomic Crimp Tool for Red, Blue and Yellow Insulated Terminals.

Ergonomic, hand-held, three-jaw crimp tool with a ratchet mechanism, designed for a fully controlled pressing cycle. It is suitable for use with insulated red, blue and yellow terminals. Longer, formed handles reduce the force required to operate the tool. Worn-out high precision jaws can be replaced to increase the service life of the tool.

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Product characteristics

  • It meets the requirements for the compression ratio of BSEN 60352-2:2006 and BS 5G178:1992
  • Worn, high-precision jaws can be replaced to extend the tool life
  • Adjustable tensioner
  • Indents on jaws identify which jaws have been used

Product properties

Jaw set material
Carbon steel grade SCM440
Body material
Material steel grade S45C
Handle grips
Typical sectional area
from 20 AWG/MCM to 10 AWG/MCM
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